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Generationext originally started out as showdown_icons, but now it is generationext, so get used to it. It was opened on March 10, 2005 by popvibe and fallsofast_. We're here to make you icons, bases and possibly even headers and friends only banners every so often. To join all you have to do is press "click here" at the top of this page, and to leave all you have to do is press "leave the community", also at the top of the page. You don't have to comment to be added or any such thing, just join and you will be able to see our entries. Also note that we will only accept other icon makers when we put out applications, kthx.
Our resources may be seen here.

Credit the icon maker when you take an icon
Comment and tell us which icon you're taking
Follow the rules {if any are given} on the posts of the creators
Do not take credit for our icons
Do not alter our icons unless you are given permission to do so

sparklypixels thunderstills lunchbox_icons caffeineproduct _prettypretty blimey_icons spybox heavenxsent disappearicons everyboy decorous_icons iconcore everydayicons achlysia buttah_icons

please upload to your own server. kthx.

cruz examples:

fallsofast_ examples: